The broad range of technologies and innovations with overlapping benefit statements confused consumers, so we reduced the number of true benefits to five: faster (lightweight), stronger (more support), more natural (greater freedom of movement), more comfortable (ventilating), or smarter (providing feedback). In addition to minimizing the unique names, we utilized the adidas typeface for each logotype to create a tight connection between these innovations and the Adidas brand.
With small cross-category design teams we developed design languages that visually expressed the functional benefits of each sub-brand to express each sub brand. These design languages were used to created a definitive set of guidelines that were shared with the design teams in each category. The skeletal design language was developed for Adizero, the lightest products in the category.
The design language for adidas' Clima products evoked the feeling of air flowing over the body. These images were created for the design team working on products for the spring summer 2011 season.
Products in numerous categories were designed according to these guidelines, creating a consistent look and feel for these sub brands. Marketing supported these innovations across different categories so consumers began to understand the benefits regardless of which sports they played. Shown here are examples of the adizero design language.

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